Prices & Funding


Apprentices aged 16-18 are fully funded. Apprentices aged 19+ are part-funded by government and employers are generally expected to contribute towards training costs. Exact costs depend on a number of factors, including level of course, exemptions, number of apprentices in the location etc.

AGE Grants

Employers taking on an apprentice aged 16-23 for the first time within the last 12 months may be entitled to a grant of £1500 per apprentice (if they can't afford to take on the apprentice without it.).

Early Years Course Costs and Duration

Advanced Learner Loans

Anyone over 19 wanting to study for an accredited qualification at level 3-6 can obtain a government Advanced Learning Loan.

Getting a Loan doesn't depend on your household income and there's no credit check. You won't have to pay anything back until the course is completed and you're earning over £21,000 a year. Once you earn over this amount you pay back 9% of the earnings you receive above this figure. If you don't ever earn this amount, e.g. you are part-time or you stop work you will not make any repayments.

Example: If you earn £25,000 p.a. you will pay back £30 per month.

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